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Markcare® Edible Ink Marker Vs. Other Brand

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The edible marker is a popular product in the baking industry in recent years, because it is widely used to paint edible decorations on icing cookies, fondant cakes, marshmallows, candy lollipops, Easter Egg and so on. It also can be used to do DIY crafts for children, because the ink is food-grade.

There are different brands of edible markers, and How to choose the great edible marker? Comparisons are the most direct way to know the qualities.

  1. Writing performances

parameter comparisons

comparisons on different objects


The difference between low-quality and high-quality baking markers is mainly reflected in the adhesion, permeability and uniformity of the color. We can see that some other brand pens have no color expressiveness on smooth surfaces, the ink looks like water stains, and has low adhesion; and when writing on ordinary paper, the penetrability is weak and the experience is poor.

2. Safety:

As a baking pen, the safety of edible ink is a major indicator. Markcare® edible pigment pen ink has passed the US FDA, ISO22000 and other international standards, and has a food production license, an international authoritative third-party inspection certification and an invention certificate. The documents can be checked and are trustworthy.


3. Service Comparison

Markcare® edible markers support customization service of label, color, size, shape, logo and so on.

In summary, Markcare® edible marker is a trusted brand.

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