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How to Decorate Ice Cream?

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    Ice cream is everyone's favorite food. On a hot summer day, an ice cream soothes the heat. Now there are many kinds and shapes of ice cream. Major businesses in order to attract the attention of consumers, increase sales, but also painstakingly make a variety of ideas. But traditional ice cream can only be simple color combinations and simple rough patterns, it is not simple to stand out in the fierce ice cream market.

    Ice cream printing may give you a whole new perspective.

print ice cream 1

    If you are a small ice cream shop or shop, then you can choose our cake printer and edible ink. Our cake printer can print box cakes, macaroons and ice cream. This printer is portable, easy to install and easy to operate. You can print any pattern on the ice cream, and you can even customize your print client's selfie, isn't that cool?

print ice cream 2

    If you're an ice cream maker, our online food printer is perfect for you. This is a machine that can print pictures and texts on the surface of food on the production line. It is also easy to install without changing your original production process. The machine adopts edible ink to print various creative patterns and logos on the surface of food. The printed pictures are safe and healthy and can be eaten directly. The machine can be flexible and free to switch different patterns, printing speed, 75m/min, and low noise. The printed pattern is very clear and the visual effect is outstanding. The machine is equipped with low temperature storage ink function, automatic ink back, lack of material alarm and automatic cleaning functions. Let food printing give you a big boost in New Year sales!

Ice cream 3

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