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How does edible ink printing work?

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How does edible ink printing work?

Think of printing a photo on your regular inkjet printer, then placing the photo on a cake. That's how simple edible ink printing is and the process is exactly the same. The only difference is that the ink is not regular ink, it is edible ink (think of edible ink like colored, liquid frosting, that is engineered to flow through your printer's printheads without causing any disruptions to your printing setup), and the paper is also edible (the "paper" is called a frosting sheet, which is a thin wafer of icing that flows through your printer like paper would, and accepts the edible ink as it is printing out). The final product (your digital image printed with edible ink onto your frosting sheet) can be applied to a cake that has a layer of frosting on top of it, and the frosting sheet adheres to the cake and looks like you have printed directly to the cake! A great way to surprise your customers, friends and family with beautiful and custom cakes printed with a regular inkjet printer! CAUTION: DO NOT mix your edible ink printer or edible ink cartridges with regular inks - you should dedicate an inkjet printer and edible ink cartridges ONLY for edible ink printing so that you do not contaminate the edible inks.

SinoJoinsun™ edible inks is that they are designed to work on many regular inkjet printers by Canon and Epson. So if you have clean printer, you can print our edible ink.

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