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Health and Beauty Defining the Future Ice Cream (Sinojoinsun)

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    The ice cream industry is hot all over the world. In 2018, China's ice cream market totaled 123.937 billion, with production and sales reaching 5.0642 million tons. It is estimated that by 2021, China's ice cream market is expected to exceed 160 billion RMB. As the mainstay of the times, the post-80s and 90s are the most important consumer groups. Ice cream merchants have realized this and gradually turned ice cream snacks, changed the positioning of the main customer group of ice cream consumption, from the original children's market to the adult market.

Health and Beauty Defining the Future Ice Cream-sinojoinsun


    As an adult, shopping to look at the ingredients list has become everyday. High-calorie, unhealthy foods were directly rejected. According to Mintel's survey of ice cream in 2018, 85%, 76%, and 65% of consumers surveyed are willing to pay for the upgrade of ice cream's health, quality and product experience.


    Ice cream companies have carried out new product development, packaging upgrades and brand building in order to stabilize market share. With the rapid development of the Internet, the use of online celebrities to bring goods and detonate any high-value product from the media can bring huge promotional benefits to all products of the enterprise, and the value is the benefit.

Ice cream companies have changed from seasonal production to continuous production throughout the year.

    How to realize the future ice cream with health and beauty? "3D printing ice cream" has attracted a large number of manufacturers to watch. Although 3D printing technology is known as a phenomenon that technology changes the world, it has high hopes. The current research areas are mainly concentrated in industrial and construction industries. For example, 3D chocolate printing has considerable shape and insufficient taste, which is currently not enough to attract consumers, and no mature research results have been released so far.

    In the early days, there have been merchants who have tried in this regard and made huge profits when entering the market. However, due to the safety issues of the supporting inks used, this product cannot be produced on demand. The current ink safety issue has been resolved.

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    Sinojoinsun ™ food printing system uses edible ink that is safe and edible, non-toxic and harmless to the human body. It is used on the surface of ice cream to achieve personalized printing effects and can be directly consumed with ice cream.

    At present, the three major product lines of Sinojoinsun™: edible printing equipment, edible ink, and edible film have become domestic innovative enterprises that independently develop food printing systems.

    Its industrial online food printer has become a decision-making choice for domestic ice cream manufacturers. This industrial online food printer has the characteristics of high-speed and high-definition printing. It is completely designed according to food industry standards. Digital printing of digital data, each ice cream from the production line into the packaging is unique and unique. Extensive service to ice cream industry manufacturers, recognized by our customers.

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