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Environmentally Friendly Edible Ink-Water-based ink & Uv Curable Ink

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The use of environmentally friendly ink, both on the environment caused pollution, and on the operator to cause physical harm, but also will not damage the inside of the food. The environmental inks already on the market are:

1. Water-based ink: water-based ink is the ink used for most flexographic packaging and printing at home and abroad. It is mainly made of water-soluble resin, organic pigments, solvents and related additives through compound grinding and processing. Water soluble resin is the nexus of water-based ink, often choose domestic water-soluble acrylic modified resin as a link of material, the heat resistance, weather resistance, chemical resistance, resistance to pollution and glossiness has significant advantages, such as whether directly disperse dissolved or synthetic polymer emulsion, all show the excellent performance, water-based ink does not contain volatile organic solvents, not only can reduce the printing quality of residual toxicity, and can prevent fire by static contact with flammable solvents. Water-based ink is not only a new "green" printing ink, but also the best substitute for benzene soluble ink.

2. Uv curable ink uv curable ink refers to a certain wavelength of uv light irradiation, ink linker cross-linking reaction, from liquid to solid to complete the curing of the ink, it in the linker before dissolution, macromolecular prepolymer that firmly formed the ink film. Uv-curable inks are mainly used for flexible printing of soft substrates. They consist of prepolymers, reactive diluents, pigments, additives and photoinitiators/composites. Among them, the choice of reactive diluent has an effect on the migration reaction of ink formula; The additives were used to adjust the properties of the ink (printability, migration of the ink, wetting of the substrate, coefficient of friction, abrasion resistance, dispersion and stability of the pigment) and the odor of the printed matter; It is required that the absorption spectrum of ultraviolet light should be as small as possible, and the ideal pigment should have the characteristics of good dispersion, good leveling, strong coloring force, small ultraviolet absorption under light irradiation, and no harm to polymerization. When printing with uv-curable inks, attention should be paid to the inhibition of polymerization, surface tension and wetting, the correlation between ink viscosity and humidity, and printing plate expansion. Due to the ink on the plastic adhesion is not good, so need to do flame treatment or corona discharge treatment of the plastic substrate, in order to improve the adhesion of the plastic surface.

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