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Environmentally Friendly Edible Ink-Digital Printing Ink & EB Ink

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3. Electron beam curable ink (eb ink) electron beam curable ink refers to the high-energy electron beam irradiation can quickly from a liquid into a solid ink, also known as eb ink. Electron beam high energy, pigments and fillers and other solid components have a strong penetration, there will be no ink pigment or fillers hinder the absorption of the situation, the drying of the film will not be affected. Eb ink mainly consists of pigments, binders, auxiliary agents, etc., because the ink curing is achieved by the electron beam, so the selection of binders have specific requirements, the main components are acrylic resin and reactive monomer. Most of the food and beverage packaging industry USES electron beam curing printing with offset printing. Eb ink adapted to the printing industry, high - speed, multi - color printing of the development direction. Due to electron beam curing ink, save energy, component contains no solvents, no pollution to environment, packing materials, short curing time, processing speed, high yield, small dot enlargement rate, molecularly imprinted brightness is good, has the advantages of wear resistance and resistance to chemical attack, the technology is rapid popularization and application, especially in the field of food packaging application prospect. Eb ink and liv curing ink the main difference is whether there is a light initiator in the linker, when eb ink to add a certain amount of light initiator, also can be uv curing.

4. Digital printing ink: digital printing technology has penetrated into the food packaging and printing industry with the increasing demand for personalized packaging. Digital printing technology can achieve high enough image resolution and reproduce the details of the image. In addition, digital printing technology can provide more efficient small batch services. Dye ink for digital ink jet printing, solid toner for electrostatic printing and electronic liquid ink for digital offset printing, etc. Toner is heated by ceramic crystal melting after fixing on the substrate. Most of the substrate for foil, aluminum, pet (polyester), paper, and suitable for printing web. It is very important to choose proper fixing temperature of toner, because the best setting temperature can control the fixing process of toner well. Toner should have a certain flexibility, easy to handle the substrate folding. Solvent resistance for electrostatic digital printing is also extremely important, solvent resistance is not good print will not be able to complete the process, such as glazing, laminating, etc. In today's green printing has become the theme of the field, the food packaging more and more requirements for high quality, multi-color printing. Therefore, the printing ink must adapt to the call of The Times, the development of benzene-free, environmental protection.

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