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Edible Ink: Ink Used on Food Surfaces

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In daily life, at the thought of ink, many people are afraid it is odor, pungent. Not only pollution of the air, it harm to people's health, and even some people will feel disguised. Few people think of printing ink can also be used for food, or even eat. Is that surprising to you? In order to meet the market demand, our r & d team overcome the difficulties, ink research and development to edible level. Edible ink products can be widely used in food, medicine and other surface. Due to the unique ink formula, good adhesion and excellent initial drying performance of the ink, our company awarded the national invention patent authorization of edible medical ink in 2013.

printing cake

print coffee

With the increasingly strict safety management of food, drugs and dairy products, the safety and environmental protection of product labels are increasingly included in national and industrial standards and other legal system. Product labels are not only required on the external packaging, but also on the packaging that is in direct contact with the products. However, the improper use of ink, will directly or indirectly pollute food and medicine, thereby endangering the health of consumers. Therefore, some labels which directly touch with food must meet food standards.

print fruit

Edible ink on the surface of the fruit: very creative, with festive patterns and blessing words "festive fruit" in fruit shops and shopping malls are very popular.

print macaroon

Edible ink is applied in biscuits and pastries: food personalized and interesting has become a new favorite in People's Daily consumption.

print medicine

药片 537

Capsule or tablet macufactures can print their logo, model or dosage on medicine surface. That can help people won't take in medicine wrongly. And the edible ink meet FDA and SGS standard, so it is safe to humanbody.



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