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Do you know future intelligent pharmaceutical factory?

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In Future, intelligent pharmaceutical plant equipment (production line), refers to the workstation as the unit combination of pharmaceutical production equipment, and the corresponding robot and sensor system, through a workstation in the sensors installed on the machine and the network connection to use the power of the computer technology to complete different equipment mission objectives of mechatronics system, its pharmaceutical factory is the basis of data gathering, sharing and application.插入的图片-2
    Imagine pharmaceutical plant equipment not only can automatically produce qualified products, also has the ability of "introspection" and how it will be a situation?
    By predicting the manufacturing system, capable of "introspection" product manufacturing process achieve zero fault, zero accident, low pollution, low anxiety becomes possible.
    Equipment will not only produce product, because more sensors installed on equipment, equipment will produce massive amounts of data through the network connection between devices and equipment to realize data sharing between equipment, equipment between the "information island" is being broken, compared to the past through the people to lead the data sorting and statistical data, such as application, now more is done through equipment software, equipment operators more work just to participate in the production of judgment and decision.

    Sensor, the fusion of Internet, software and other technology level will determine the degree of equipment production, sharing, application data;Equipment production, sharing, application data, will enable users to equipment of different objectives, and the core part of the electromechanical integration equipment, will represent different task goals may be, such as:
    Large-scale general robot used in equipment, make the traditional mechanical transmission and replaced by modular robot motion structure composition, the robot is electromechanical integration level is an important equipment parts and make a substantial reduction in equipment production equipment mission objectives of artificial participation has become a reality, today's rapid development of computer science in the electromechanical integration technology, make equipment began to have the ability of "reflection", equipment task suggested production target in close step by step.



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