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Did you really notice? Edible Packaging Has Already Entered into Our Life

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 Recently we often see a term "edible packaging" in the news, but it is not so mysterious. If you carefully pay attention to it, many edible packaging has already been used in our real life, but we have not found it. Here are some common edible packages.

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The glutinous rice paper coated with confectionery, made from sweet potato, corn or wheat flour. It melts in your mouth to prevent adhesion with outer packing.

edible paper   wafer

The corn roasting package of ice cream cone and sausage casing are typical edible packages.

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Premium fast food noodle oil packets, which can melt completely within a few seconds in hot water, is also the edible packing. It is convenient, safe, and environment friendly.

Environment-friendly seasoning packaging

When you make cake, and you want decorate it, the printed edible paper is a good choice. As you know many beautiful picturew are hard to draw on cake, even for an excellent pastry cook. So if you can print, you can print the beautiful picture on edible paper, then put it onto cake top, then simplely recorate it with some cream and candy. That will be totally different from what it was before.

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More and more people realize the importance of protect environment. So some advanced international companies are researching and developing edible package and biodegradable package. More and more package material are updating nowadays.  For example, some store launched edible hamburger wrapper.

edible hamburger paper

And some store launched a kind of edible film that dissolves in water, which is mainly used for packaging dry food ingredients.

edible film wrapper

I believe there will be more environment friendly packaging used in food and drink. And the packages will be funny and safe. Edible ink also will be more and more popular with the development of environmental and healthy awareness.

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