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Celebrate Online Food Inkjet Printer's Widespread Media Attention at CBBE 2019

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    The 16th China International Baking Exhibition in 2019 (CBBE 2019) is held from April 17 to 19, 2019 at Beijing International Exhibition Center. Our new product- Online Food Inkjet Printer debuted at fair, and it was favored by manufacturers, purchasers, and enterprises. And the booth is very lively. The new product for food decoration also attracts the attention of mass media to specially interview. It is a great honor to be interviewed by state media-CCTV.

 Sinojoinsun Online Food Inkjet Printer was interviewed by State media

Interviewed by State Media-CCTV

    The marketing acceptance exceeds our expectation. The main reason is that the baking industry has been stereotypical aesthetic innovation in past decades and needs new changes. Every enterprise is looking for the new breakthroughs. And the food printing is a good originality. When they see our equipment can be installed on food production and fast print food, they are impressive deeply.


Sinojoinsun food printers is favored at CBBE 2019; to print cookie, cake, ice cream, candy, etc.

Customers are praising the online food inkjet printer

Sinojoinsun Online Food Inkjet Printer prints cookies according to customers’ requirement on the spot

Print cookies according to customers' requirement on the spot

Sinojoinsun team for food printing

Sinojoinsun Team is at CBBE2019

    If you missed this grand international gathering, don’t worry, there is another international baking exhibition is coming soon. Welcome to meet at the 16th Bakery China 2019. The address is Shanghai New International Expo Center, Shanghai City, China. The time is May 6-9, 2019. (It will attract 2,200+ exhibitors from nearly 110

countries; 240,000+ visitors)

Booth No.:

①Equipment Area

Location: Hall W1

Area: 9 square meters

Booth number: W1K23

②The Raw Material Area:

Location: Hall E7

Area: 9 square meters

Booth number: E7K36



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