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BEST 3 Types of High-speed Food Printer | Edible Ink Printer

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    Generally speaking, mass production of food is difficult to achieve personalized design, and personalized food is difficult to mass production, and you can not have your cake and eat it. But with the development of market demand and the continuous progress of technology. Now mass production of customised food can also become a reality.And has been in the market has been recognized and favored by some large well-known food enterprises. For example, Orion's Choco Pie (New Year's Wish), Mentos' printed gum, M&M's printed M&Ms, etc.

edible ink printing candy and choco pie

    The food printers specially designed for large food manufacturer have been listed. The High-speed Industrial Food Printer FP-642 (standard) is the intelligent industrial food printer that can print food surface on food production line with different edible colorful and complicated images. The Max. speed is 75m/min. It applied to print different shapes of biscuits, ice cream bars, ice cream, pastry, candies and so on.

industrial food printer FP-642 sinojoinsun

                          High-speed Industrial Food Printer FP-642 (Standard)

    Of course, not every food manufacturer like the colorful edible decorations. The simple text or Logo is also a great creativation. Here is a basic version of Industrial Food Printer-FP511 is suitable for the "Minimalism". It is smaller and cheaper than FP-642 (standard).

sinojoinsun industrial food printer FP-511 applications

                         High-speed Industrial Food Printer FP-511 (Standard)

We also research and develop the flatbed printing version of industrial food printer -- Speed Single-pass Flatbed Food Printer, to meets the different food production lines. 



                                  Speed Single-pass Industrial Flatbed Food Printer

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