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Application of Edible Ink in Food Packaging

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        With the improvement of living standard, people put forward higher requirements on food packaging. environmental protection ink came into being.

        Ink as a printing material, when it is used in food packaging, it should not be used conventional ink. The printing manufacture must ensure that the ink solvent is completely volatilized, ink is required to cure thoroughly and meet the applicable industry standards after printing. Benzene soluble chlorinated polypropylene ink is widely used in food plastic packaging and printing. This kind of ink manufacturing and use technology has been mature, mainly used in bopp (bidirectional stretch polypropylene) material in the printing, and gravure printing. Although the printing adaptability of this ink is good, post-printing processing performance is good, drying fast, but because 

(1) Toluene is relatively toxic, the residual solvent value of the printed matter is high;

(2) The thermal stability of chlorinated polypropylene is poor, in the process of production and storage, easy to release chlorine and form hydrogen chloride, so that the ink is strong acidic, heavy corrosion of printing plate roll production;

(3) Benzene soluble ink can destroy the ozone layer, in the process of use will also cause harm to the health and safety of workers, and residual residues in packaging products, under certain conditions will cause a certain degree of contamination of food packaging. 

        This kind of ink is tending to be eliminated, in Europe and some developed countries have developed a prohibition or control of the use of this ink regulations. It is because of benzene soluble ink problems, environmental protection ink came into being. The use of environmentally friendly ink, both on the environment caused pollution, and on the operator to cause physical harm, but also will not damage the inside of the food.



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