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2017 pharmaceutical industry trend forecast: three areas, thirteen Aspect

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In 2016, the Chinese-funded overseas mergers and acquisitions record highs, such as CITIC Industrial Fund $ 1.05 billion acquisition of Singapore's fourth largest heart stent manufacturer Baisheng International; Fosun Pharma 12.6 billion acquisition of Indian pharmaceutical company Gland; Renfu medicine 550 million US dollars The acquisition of the United States Epic Pharma; Green Leaf Pharmaceutical 245 million euros acquisition of the European Acino AG; three Connaught biological acquisition Trividia and PTS cost more than 1.5 billion; Shanghai Pharmaceutical acquisition of Australia Vitaco cost 900 million

>>Pharmaceutical industry
1. Overseas mergers and acquisitions accelerate
2. R & D efforts to improve
3. Modernization of Chinese medicine by the attention
4. Sales outsourcing
5. Self-built or co-organized electricity supplier
6. To the downstream industry extension
7. Unprecedented increase in industry concentration
8.Electronics business platform to be sought after
9. Sales category diversification
10.DTP pharmacy into the scale
11. Drugstore + clinic
12. into the era of chronic disease management
13. Service upgrade



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