• Q Edible inkjet ink

    A 1. Q: What is edible ink? And how many kinds of edible ink? 
    A: Edible ink is an ink that can be eaten into the human body together with foods and medicines, and is generally used for surface printing of foods, medicines or edible packaging materials. Edible inks are distinguished from traditional inks by their edible and printable properties.

    There are two main kinds of edible ink. One applies to pad printing and the other one applies to inkjet printing. Edible ink for pad printing is suitable for all kinds of printers. While the edible ink for inkjet printing applies to the printhead of HP, EPSON, CANON. We have a professional R&D team, and we can provide kinds of solutions and requirements of customized ink, according to customer's specific products and printers, for example, screen printing, small charactor inkjet printing.
    2. Q: What is your main applications of your edible ink?
    A: Cakes, cookies, drinks, edible paper, dessert and so on.

    3. Q: Is it safe? Do you have any certification to prove your ink without toxic?
    A: Yes, it is edible grade and complies with FDA standard. It is safe to human body. We have certificate of FDA and production license.

    4. Q: How many colors do you have?
    A: 5 colors of cyan, magenta, yellow, black as one set; another color is brown.

    5. Q: How long is the shelf life?
    A: It is one year.

    6. Q: Is it easy to erase?
    A: we have two types: one is easy to erase by water; the other one is not washable, but easily washed by cleanser.

    Q: Can I have a sample before my large ordering?
    A: Yes, you can. We can send you sample, but you may need to bear the freight. You just contact our colleagues.

    8. Q: Should I need a special and expensive printer to use such edible ink?
    A: The fact is, they do make dedicated edible ink printers, but all you really need is a regular, off-the-shelf inkjet printer, provided it is very clear and has never printed with regular ink. You just have a dedicated inkjet printer for all your edible ink printing needs. 

    9. Q: Whether to provide many kinds of colors to mix?
    A: We may provide many kinds of colors to mix, but each kind of color's order quantity must be more than 1 kilogram.

  • Q Edible pad printing ink

    A 1, Q: What is your main applications of your edible ink?
    A: For the printing on the surface of medicine and food ,such as capsule, tablet, chocolate and cookie.

    3. Q: Is it safe? Do you have any certification to prove your ink without toxic?
    A: Yes, it is edible grade and complies with FDA standard. It is safe to humanbody. We have certificate of FDA and production license.

    3, Q: How is your printing effect of your edible ink?
    A:  It is good printing, high degree of adhesion, good fixing performance, no color penetration, no burrs, smooth coatings and bright colors.

    4. Q: Will your coffee edible ink affect the taste of original coffee?
    A: The coffee edible ink is odorless, so it won't affect coffee's taste. And it meet FDA standard requirements, so it is also safe. We have test report for proving it.

    5. Q: How many colors do you have?
    A: Black, white, red, yellow, blue, deep-blue, green. Customized color is available.

    6. Q: How is package of the ink?
    A: 1kg/bottle, 20 bottle/carton

    7. Q: How to store it?
    A: Sealed, keep in the dark, cool and dry conditions. And the remaining ink should be packed in plastic drums, avoid iron drums, to prevent rust.

  • Q Edible markers

    A 1. Q: What kinds of foods can be wrote by this markers?
    A: The things with smooth and relatively dry surface all can be wrote by our edible markers. 

    2. Q: Will there work on rice and wafer edible paper? 
    A: Yes, it will. But the type of marker nib is importantIt is better that you chose a type of marker nib which is best suitable for your food. Thus the pattern writtern on food will be better. 
    3. Q: Would they work on marshmallows?
    A: Yes, it would.

    4. Q: Can I use it to decorate cake and pops? 
    A: Yes as long as your frosting/coating on the cake and pops are firm to write.
    5. Q: What kind of certificates of your edible marker?
    A: CE, FDA and Production License certificate.
    6. Q: Sample for free or not
    A: We can send u sample, but the freight is for u.
    7. Q: Are you a trading company or manufacturer?
    A: We are a manufacturer with rich exporting experience.

    8. Q: Can your products be customized?
    A: Yes, OEM and ODM are available for us. Our products can be customized, including material, size, logo, color and so on.  You need supply us your drawing with AI, or CDR or PDF version.
    9. Q: If the ink are Non-toxic?
    A: Yes,all our ink are non-toxic, and has the certificate of CE, FDA. It is safe to eat.

    10. Q: What kind of payment can you offer?
    A: Ali Trade Assurance, Paypal, T/T, Western Union or cash were available.

    11. Q: How long is the warranty for your edible marker pens
    A: One year, and close the cover timely can extend the service life.

    12. Q: How is your package?
    A: 2g one color, 6 colors packed into one plastic bag (2g*6 colors).
  • Q Coffee printer- part 1

    1. Q: What’s the min order to your company?
    A: 1 set.

    2. Q: How to use the coffee printer
    A:  This printer is inkjet printer, and you need to use edible ink to print. And the printer works in windows system. 
    Step 1. install the printing software as the guidance CD. 

    Step 2. Choose the image which you would like to print on the cup of coffee.
    Step 3. Directly print via the computer etc. 
    Step 4. One cup of coffee with the image comes out. 
    Don’t worry my friend, we have software for you.

    3. Q: What is the main application of the coffee printer?
    A: The coffee printer can print your photo, images, logo or word on the surface of coffee, milk tea, biscuits, cakes, chocolate, lollipop, sticky rice paper, macarons, cookies, marshmallow, sweet snacks... As long as the surface of the food is smooth, you can print your favorite pattern directly on it. In addition that you should use edible ink to print, which is important. Please feel free to contact our staffs to know more details.

    4. Q: Is the ink safe? And will your coffee edible ink affect the taste of original coffee?
    A: It's food grade edible ink, and it comply with FDA standard. We can provide the Test Report for this edible ink, if you are interested. The coffee edible ink is odorless, so it won't affect coffee's taste. 

    5. Q: What's the speed of printing ?
    A: 10-20s/cup.

    6. Q: Do you have certificate?
    A: Yes we have CE. 

    7. Q: What's size of the printer? And what size can it print?
    A: The printer size is 41*43*47cm and it can print pattern within 11*11 cm.

    8. Q: OEM or ODM is available for your coffee printer?
    A: Yes, we can put your logo on the machine if needed. And we can make the machine structure as your design request.
    9. Q: What about the package?
    A: It is in strong carton case or wooden case with 53*50*54cm.

    10. Q: What are the costs of Shipping?
    A: Shipping cost is based on the following elements:
    quantity, gross weight, package volume and destination port and country.

  • Q Coffee printer- part 2



    11. Q: Do you supply all consumables, such as ink, spare parts, and other parts?
    A: Yes, we have all consumables and spare parts on selling. It is 12 months warranty.

    12. Q: What's after sale do you provide?
    A: It is a year of warranty, including printer head, and factors. If you have other problem, we can provide free replacement parts, or technology support.

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