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  • How do you want to play about Ice cream Printing Decoration?

    Ice cream is indispensable every summer, new every year has become the expectation of food lovers, that cool and delicious, and refreshing cold total feeling always give a person a special cool, satisfying feeling, every time want to try a new taste, the best is the kind of not greasy, appearance level is also high of the kind.   Read More>

  • Creative Style is Up to You- Online Food Inkjet Printer

    Looking at the big market of the industry in these years, whether it is the cutting-edge AI technology or the crazy "sharing economy", it seems that as long as the technology is more advanced, the application is more comprehensive and can solve more problems for human beings, then you will eventuall   Read More>

  • Click on It because Food Printing is Fun

    The life only between home and work and back again everyday for money have been tired to people. Many people like to eat a sweet, comfort themselvesBecause of the pain in my heartSo I want some sweet seasoningParis shellfish sweet, original wheat hill21cake, qianji cake...Maybe you have tasted many   Read More>



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