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How to Print Photo on Food?

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Printing patterns and photos on food is a new phenomenon in recent years and is becoming more and more common in our daily life.

So the question is, do you know how these images and photos are printed on food? Is it edible?

I'm going to leave you a cliffhanger at first.

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Previously, our photo was through professional equipment or potions to wash out, then as color printers become more precise, they can produce very high quality photos. People like to use a printer to print pictures, because it will be cheaper, simpler, more convenient than the traditional method, and it can print in the office, at home and everywhere at will. Here, everyone presumably begin to understand how does the patterns and photographs printed on food. Yes, it is printed by printer. However, please do not think that is used ordinary ink to print food.The ordinary ink are not edible, and they will contaminate food. The food printing uses edible ink.

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Maybe many of you may be still unfamiliar with the concept of "edible ink" or even have not heard of it. What is edible ink? Its main composition is pure water and edible pigment (extracted from tomatoes, melons and fruits), using advanced equipment and technology to the development and production. It is pure without adding, meets the national food safety standards, FDA and SGS standard. It has yellow, red, blue, and black colors, and used along with wafer, wrappers (made from crops such as corn, wheat starch). Of course, it also can be printed directly through the media in the food, but it is needed specially modified printers.

print photo on cake

Edible ink is not egranular, not plug, currently mainly suitable for EPSON, CANON series of food photo printers to printing clearly, brightly, lifelike images.

Edible ink is widely used in bakery, cake shop, dessert shop, food factory, cake house, DIY art cake house, etc., directly or indirectly printing words and patterns on the surface of fruits, chocolate, biscuits, cakes and other food.

At present the edible ink mostly used in the cake topping, the cake is traditional and very representative, whether it is around the world, birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, wedding ceremonies, a variety of performances and friends gathering occasions have cake, people have taken the cake as an indispensable essential.Precisely because it is a traditional and typical, so people make a fuss about the struggle of the cake, the family, love, family photos printed on the cake, on the wings of the emotional culture, make cake conveys emotion, improving the cultural taste of the beautiful angel, gives the cake with humanities spirit, increase the added value of the cake.

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