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Food Photos are Printed on the Cake

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     Food is about color, aroma and taste, and the "color" in the first place refers to the appearance of food.The special food of cake pays special attention to its visual effect.Beautiful cakes always whet one's appetite.Recently, a kind of edible pigment as the ink, with the help of scanners and printers will be designated to print the picture on the cake, to create a high similarity with the picture of edible digital cake, by many young people's pursuit.However, with the popularity of digital cakes, the safety of their production methods has also aroused many people's doubts.

    Digital cakes have gone viral after photos were "" printed" "on the cake.

    "It's really amazing that even a cake maker who knows how to paint can't make this cake.It's the power of technology. The pictures on the cake can be printed and eaten.Lady wang, who lives in guangming garden, shizhong district, received a digital printed cake from her friend on her birthday.

Speaking of digital products, people think of nothing but digital cameras and other electronic products, but digital cake is really delicious and soft to eat.Perhaps digital cake is just beginning to be popular now, the mainstream brick-and-mortar stores on the market has not started to make, sales, currently only in the circle of friends in the kitchen popular.But unlike ordinary cakes, these cakes are not made into various shapes, and there are no particularly exquisite cream flowers and animal images, only clear and lifelike pictures printed on the surface of the cakes.And the photograph can choose freely by consumer, can be the star that oneself like, also can be oneself photograph, from cartoon to scenery without have cannot.The digital cake features printed photos that blend well with the cake, making it both beautiful and edible.



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