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Food Grade Inks Increase the Safety of Paper Tablewares, Cups, and Straws

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The environment-friendly paper tableware is replacing plastic tableware. No matter how your coffee or food yummy, the safety of the disposable tableware is crucial, and most of the consumers will consider the food safety. 

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Printing is essential for beautifying and branding on paper cups, bowls, straws and plates. But it can also affect the safety of paper tablewares, extremely on straws. Sometimes the ink on a package can leak into the food material and risk the customer. Cases of recalled printed food packages because of ink leaks are many. In 2005, Nestle recalled over 30 million litres of babies milk after the leaching of printing ink. The milk packages used a UV curable ink. But, the Inkcare® edible ink can solve the problem. 

The Inkcare® food grade edible ink meets FDA, ISO22000 standards, and can be verified as safe to eat by Intertek third-party test reports and food production license.  It can be directly printed on food surface to eat, to say nothing of printing on paper tableware. Its materials also can be customized according to different religious belief areas. 

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