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Creative Style is Up to You- Online Food Inkjet Printer

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    Looking at the big market of the industry in these years, whether it is the forefront AI technology or the crazy "sharing economy", it seems that as long as the technology is more advanced, the application is more comprehensive and can solve more problems for human beings, then you will eventually break through the siege and become an era leader.

    Sinojoinsun™ has found valuable market segments in the food industry and developed advanced Online Food Inkjet Printers. The food printing machine is widely used in pastry surface printing, cookies personalized printing, candy logo customization, bread creative printing, ice cream creative printing and other creative decorations. The color of printing effect is bright and clear, and the color fixation effect is good. The edible ink conforms to the FDA certification and has the food production license, so it is safe to rest assured. The printing setting adopts sensor automatic detection to prevent the contact between the food materials and the nozzle, and its printing speed is adjustable, up to 75m/min at the fastest. The most powerful thing is that this equipment can be completely embedded in the production line to produce batch printing, high efficiency, good quality, but also high-quality to create marketing customized programs (festival theme program, film series theme, wedding customized theme...) to meet different customized needs of food enterprises.

sinojoinsun online food inkjet printer prints macaroons

Print macaoon

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Online Food Inkjet Printer on the production line



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